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The energy crisis of the 70’s changed residential construction practices. Builders started using fiberglass insulation and house wrap, making homes tighter. Tighter homes are less drafty and more energy efficient, but these changes did not allow for homes to breath and dry out. Stucco over frame construction became popular in certain areas of the country, and somehow, a properly vented drainage plane became overlooked. Large overhangs became smaller; “old growth” white pine windows with good preservative became “second growth” white pine windows with finger joints and less effective preservative. As these wood windows failed due to the basic lack of preventative maintenance and general painting, we turned our sights instead to “maintenance free” building products, as if there was such a thing that existed. After we removed the painter from the equation we failed to realize the importance of his trade. In addition to painting, everything was caulked and sealed every couple of years. Because stucco is naturally a reservoir system, the change from stucco to soffitt and fascia was much needed.

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For more than three decades Best ValuDry LLC has built a strong foundation as a business with a reputation people can trust. Chester County Siding Services is yet another successful business from Best ValuDry LLC providing the area with the best siding services possible. Matt Salansky strives to improve his high quality services and craftsmanship each and every day.

The expert contractors at Chester County Siding Services pride themselves on being better than the competition. Chester County Siding Services can help you with all your siding needs to make your home great again. When you choose to work with Chester County Siding Services you are working with the best. Our installers will work side by side with you to ensure you are choosing the right siding material for your home, and that you are never left wondering if you made the right decision when choosing a Best ValuDry LLC company. Our customers are our main priority. Don’t settle, call us today.

Why Are We Moving Away From Stucco?

Stucco by its very nature is a reservoir system and as such, as it cures it shrinks. Anywhere stucco terminates with areas of dissimilar, a small void is created. In addition to around windows and doors, there are penetrations and fenestrations throughout the system that are open and need to be sealed, because left untreated they are inviting moisture to breach the wall assembly. None more so than at the transition of the stucco to soffit and fascia.

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As architecture evolved, homes moved away from basic square boxes with hip roofs, that adequately protected the uppermost portion of stucco with appropriate overhangs from soffit and fascia. These new designs orchestrated floor plans that suited today’s discerning buyers, however in accomplishing that it forced walls to be “bumped out”. This new detail created set back eaves which further required Kick out diverters to be installed as a means to divert water away from the adjacent wall and into the gutters. This same new architecture encouraged multiple peaks and gables on many of the elevations. Builders actively sought this to create the ability to up sell homeowners with new options like vaulted ceilings, tray ceilings and coffered ceilings. One of the oversights of such a design was that for every Gable “A” or peak built, it created two valleys at the lower portions of those gables. Steep roofs were now funneling water into these valleys during rain events and regular sized gutters and downspouts were now deficient in removing water fast enough during heavier downpours. Most people don’t realise that south eastern Pennsylvania has become the stucco failure capital of the world, and one of the reasons for this is that it typically averages 3″ more rainfall per year than Seattle. To compound the issue further most rain events are accompanied with prevailing winds which force the rain into these new crevices under the Gable A’s and around the windows and doors. This volume of rainwater was now cascading over these same undersized gutters like a waterfall, completely saturating the adjacent walls that had previously omitted kick out diverters at the time of the home’s construction.

OSB (orientated strand board) replaced plywood in response to the concerns of environmentalists. This new engineered plywood (or vertical mulch as it is often referred to) reacted with the binders and sugar based resins that held it together, whereupon it ate away at the wood chips that were wicking the moisture from behind the Stucco like a sponge. Tragically, 30 lb felt paper became # 30 paper, and 15 lb felt paper morphed into #15 paper which as a saturated felt paper had evolved into a weather resistive paper that is the equivalent of less than a 7 lb paper. Stucco that terminated improperly to grade without the benefit of a weep screed or some similarly styled detail would now wick water up from the grade, back up and into the wall assembly in the form of a capillary action. Next came were low bid, “git-R-done” track home builders, and old school trade skills and competent tradesmen were replaced with an influx of under qualified workers, hired to fill the shortfall of qualified workers needed to address the “building boom”. The home building industry had lost its’ way, and the consequences of such were predictable.

Now that the times are moving away from stucco and into siding, there is no better time to redo your home with Chester County Siding Services. If you still have a stucco home and are experiencing similar issues due to water damage, give us a call today. We are experts on how to replace your stucco home with brand new, beautiful siding.

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