Caulking and Sealing

Caulk is a home product that provides a watertight seal on edges between tubs/showers, counter tops, and shower seams. However, over time caulk can deteriorate resulting in you having to reapply a new, fresh layer of caulk. Whether you have never previously caulked and sealed your tub, counter tops or shower, or if you need to reseal them with new caulk the contractors at Chester County Siding Services can help.

If you previously had caulk and sealing done in your home and just need it to be reapplied it is an easy process. The reapplication of caulk can give your home, kitchen, or bathroom the fresh, new look you want. Old layers of caulk and sealant can often times look dirty, dingy, and cracked, leaving your home looking much more out of date than it really is.

Old caulk can also cause other problems that many people are not aware of. When caulk gets old, the seal between the two services is not nearly as strong or protected, leaving room for water damage, mold, and mildew to grow. One mold and mildew occurs it is more of a difficult process to get rid of it.

If you think that your home, kitchen, or bathroom needs to be caulked and sealed, give us a call. We will come evaluate your home so that we can help you to the best of our abilities. We want to keep your home looking great just as much as you do, so don’t wait. Contact us today.

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