Cedar Roofing Services

 Asphalt Roofing Services and ContractorsCedar is know as one of the most versatile woods when it comes to roofing. Due to cedar’s durability and beauty it is one of the best building materials you can find. When you choose cedar roofing, you have the option of cedar shingles or cedar shakes but regardless of which you choose the cedar will last through all outdoor elements ensuring that your roof doesn’t need to be redone anytime soon.

Because cedar is so strong and durable, damage from wind, water, bugs or birds, UV Ray impact and all other forms of damage it is less likely to be effected. Cedar protects extremely well against all the outdoor elements so no matter what the weather, you can be sure your new roof is going to last a long time.

Shingles v Shakes: What’s The Difference


At Chester County Siding Services we understand that choosing a new roof for your home can be difficult and that there can be a lot of choices involved in the process. In cedar roofing specifically there are two choices for you, either cedar shake or cedar shingle. So what is the difference exactly?


Cedar shingles are milled much more precisely than cedar shakes. They also provide a more clean, refined, classic appearance for the home. Shingles have been around for a long time, so more people are familiar with their older, Victorian style. Cedar shingles are have proved popular and effective in the past, making them a good safe choice when considering cedar roofing. When cedar shingles are installed, they are layered in threes so that they provide a very effective barrier against all weather conditions.


Cedar shakes are made by machine, no longer hand split, and are sawn on at least on of the sides. Because they are cut with machines, they can sometimes appear grooved giving them a more rustic appearance. Shakes are slightly more thick at the tail end than shingles as well. Because cedar shakes are not made as precisely they do not lay as perfectly as shingles would. When cedar shakes are installed, there is a felt lined paper installed underneath them due to the fact that harsh weather conditions can penetrate cedar shakes.

No matter which type of cedar roofing you choose for your roofing project the experts at Chester County Siding Services will make sure it is installed properly so that it lasts as long as possible, and that you stay satisfied with your new roof.

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