Soffit and Fascia Services


What Is Fascia?

Soffit and Fascia Services and ContractorsFascia is a vertical finishing edge that lines the edge of the rafters or where the gutters are attached to your roof. Fascia acts as yet another protective border against all out door elements. This allows you a chance to protect your home from any sort of water damage.

In addition to its functional benefits, fascia also provides a design appeal like no other. having fascia as a part of your home creates an even, more smooth design on the edge of your roof. Fascia presents a very clean cut, smooth roof lining that will not go unnoticed.

What Is Soffit?

Soffit and Fascia Services and ContractorsIf you have every looked up at a roof outside of a building and have seen the material connecting part of the roof to the rest of the building then you know what soffit is. Soffit is most commonly seen under the roofs of buildings, but it can also be found under porches, a flight of stairs, or a number of other places within a home or building.

Soffit allows you to cover up your rafter beams with style. Soffit comes in a number styles and colors so that you can customize your home the way you want. Much like fascia, soffit also protects your rafters from all outdoor elements preventing against mold build up and water damage. Soffit also allows for improved airflow so that your home is properly ventilated.

At Chester County Siding Services we proudly offer both soffit and fascia services to meet your every need. Keeping you happy is our number one priority. We ensure complete customer satisfaction guaranteed every time you call for you soffit and fascia needs. We are experts in the field and very much look forward to helping you improve the beauty and functionality of your home.

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