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Diagnosing if there is something wrong with your stucco home can be difficult, especially if you do not know what you are looking for. In the past stucco has been very popular. In fact, there was a point in time when everyone wanted a stucco home because of its sudden spark in popularity. Unfortunately, it is no longer the case and stucco homes are losing their popularity as well as functionality.

There are more problems than benefits from stucco today, and everyone who once wanted a stucco home is now wanting it changed. Architecture has changed drastically to keep up with the evolving times, causing houses to be built differently and stucco to become ineffective and troublesome. As architecture evolved, homes moved away from basic square boxes with hip roofs, that adequately protected the uppermost portion of stucco with appropriate overhangs from soffit and fascia.

Due to the changing architecture the stucco was separating from the home itself. When stucco separates, it created very small cracks for water to make its way into your home. Stucco by its nature is a reservoir, so when it gets wet it shrinks.

Older windows in homes were constructed with OSB (orientated strand board). However do to the impact of environmentalists, plywood replaced this material. This new engineered plywood (or vertical mulch as it is often referred to) reacted with the binders and sugar based resins that held it together, whereupon it ate away at the wood chips that were wicking the moisture from behind the Stucco like a sponge. Tragically, 30 lb felt paper became # 30 paper, and 15 lb felt paper morphed into #15 paper which as a saturated felt paper had evolved into a weather resistive paper that is the equivalent of less than a 7 lb paper. When windows in homes were wooden, stucco was able to push up against them and the caulk creating a seal without issue. Now that windows are were eating away and causing problems with the stucco, it was no longer pushing up against the stucco, therefore creating cracks.

Stucco is not a siding material that deflects water well. When it becomes saturated, stucco absorbs the water and deteriorates over time. Unfortunately, many people do not catch this problem in time, which leads to significant water damage to the home.

At Chester County Siding Services, we use state of the art moisture detection tools to determine if water is making its way into your home behind the stucco siding. If this is the problem with your home, our experts are able to remove the stucco and add a siding material of your choice that is guaranteed to be more up to date and less troublesome than your existing stucco siding.

We understand that stucco was once a great option. We also understand that the need to keep up with the changing times in terms of siding is becoming more and more prevalent. Our experts can install a new siding option on your home, creating a more enjoyable, safe, and up to date home for you and your family.

If you have a stucco home and think that there may be problems, or simply just want it changed contact Chester County Siding Services today. Matt Salansky prides himself on the high levels of customer service and the many options of siding Chester County Siding Services provides. Don’t wait. Get your in home stucco diagnostic service today.

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